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Saturday, June 29
It's summer... And they're getting married!

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Are you a geek? A net surfing champion? Or just a plain technology junkie?

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Friday, June 28
This city, with the Batman movie kind of night, has embedded with my sorrow.

posted by Roxy 19:38
Or index your house... Told you it's a longly place after all.

posted by Roxy 17:05
Build your own South Park character!

posted by Roxy 17:02
Take a bath with Mr. T.

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Thursday, June 27
Somewhere along the line we parted ways. (And I am too stubborn to figure it out.)

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Wednesday, June 26
Oh the San Francisco Pride Parade is this Sunday! Don't forget to bring your bear (or whatever sassy).

posted by Roxy 13:03
So I did! The hair, you know. Nothing is more refreshing (or distracting) than crispy short hair :-D

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Tuesday, June 25
And cut my hair. Then put on the sun glasses to head south. (OK, this one is purely fictional... I wish I can just put down everything and fly home, but the fact is I am just a sissy after all.)

posted by Roxy 19:16
So I painted my toe nails.

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The fifth morning of puffy eyes. I can hear the thought bubbles evaporating.

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Monday, June 24
I am getting homesick again.

posted by Roxy 16:43
Words fail me.

posted by Roxy 13:31
Should I have played cute?

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Sunday, June 23
Reunion is such a blessing: having everybody around dulls the pain. Thank you my friends.

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Friday, June 21
This is a longly place again.

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I am heart-broken.

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Thursday, June 20
Some super interesting B&Bs near the bay area: Safari West, East Brother Light Station, Madonna Inn, and Blackthorne Inn. (Thanks for VIA magazine this month.)

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Wednesday, June 19
If you type in Roxy Liao (Yes, that would be me.) in Google, you will find this and this. The first one is about the Venice project, my engineering root, and the second one is about the Samurai animation, my new pursuit. Though I'm still under-achieved, this is a good vindication for me :-)

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Maria Sisters.

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Tuesday, June 18
Here it is: First installment of Hugh Manatee and Melancholy Calamari's Big Adventure.

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I am still struggling with my perspective homework... Now look at this!

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Secret menu of In-n-out Burger!

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Friday, June 14
Sorry! Mexican food!!

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And for cat people. This is what you have been waiting for. (See, cats are evil after all).

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If you have high cholesterol like me... This one's for ya.

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Thursday, June 13
Japanese singing cats! (WARNING: lots of penises.)

posted by Roxy 14:36
Welcome to India.

posted by Roxy 14:34
World's smallest website!

posted by Roxy 14:14
To all the transformer fans!

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Wednesday, June 12

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It's tough to be a teen.

posted by Roxy 15:27
And from Sally:

One of the ten cheap things to do in San Francisco (by Kim Girard, special to is

10) Tapioca please!
Point your compass to the Sunset, a neighborhood south of Golden Gate Park, and head to the bustling cross of 9th and Irving streets for a sweet tapioca tea for about $2.50. The beverage, which hails from Taiwan and is popular with kids, consists of large tapioca pearls cooked until they are chewy. Add black tea, milk or cream, fruit (lychee or mango anyone?) and sugar to the pearls and voil? tapioca tea.

posted by Roxy 10:02
Just in from Al:

A short while back, there was a sudden lavender fever in Taiwan. Someone, maybe business person, tried to promote what s/he discovered in France. Chinese name is Hsun-Yee Tsao (Fumigate Clothes Grass) or Ou Bo-Her (European Mint). California has been very European, so besides vineyard, Wine Country also grows lavender. Sure you can treat yourself in pale purple this weekend.

Another place in the Sonoma Valley where you'll find 1.5 acres of lavender is at the Mantanzas Creek Winery near Santa Rosa.

Thanks Al!

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Tuesday, June 11
I went to an X-Ray lab this morning. (Cuz some stupid regulations regarding foreign students entering the States: like we are some sort of disease or something. Oh well.) Anyways everyone had to undress and put on the robe before his X-Ray's taken. When the nurse called my name I got out of my dressing room, and there was this big muscular guy, bare-footed, dressed in the robe that barely covered him. Oh I forgot to mention that the robes they had aren't the green or blue ones; they are the white cute ones with little pastel baby graphics. So we kind of changed an embarrassed smile on the hallway, and that made my day.

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Monday, June 10
Hum. I've been sitting here all day and the phone only rang once. (Technically, two. But one was from Dan so that didn't really count). Such an easy day! What's in the schedule? Finish up my layout homework, register for summer (maybe), and hopefully check out the solar eclipse this evening. The weather is way too nice to work anyways.

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Friday, June 7
Grooming ritual.

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We went to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron last week. It's quite good in animation and story, but also disappointing cuz of the music and voice over. John Canemaker of New York Times believes that if Spirit and Lilo & Stitch are not successful at the box office, producers from major studios will probably avoid the traditional 2D look alltogether in the future. He notes that hand-drawn technique "offers human warmth, emotional intimacy, and subtle characterizations that can not yet be completely achieved on computers." And I can't imagine a computer-generated Totoro either... I think we are probably expericing a heart-breaking moment in animation history.

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Thursday, June 6
Some "Engrish" I came across on the web: Can one be funny and romantic at the same time?

That summer, you broke into my vision with your tinkling smile, seemingly a bit strange to me, but with ease you attracted me. Hardly could I consider about the result, I followed you flying into the Palace, bumping here and there, telling little lies and making little troubles. All in a sudden, I found life could be so wonderful. Since then, I could not resist your smile, along with you I willingly whip a horse on and sing loudly and willfully on the prairie; along with you, I walk into the Old House to continue the unfinished bond from previous incarnation... along with you, I cry and laugh, I break the path to the Heaven, to search for sincerest love in the world. Every season becomes so beautiful because of your existence.

No I didn't make it up. Here's the link.

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Tuesday, June 4
Used to be, I don't understand the Hello Kitty rush. Nowadays, I don't understand the domo-kun thing. Maybe I am just not aging gracefully.

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As I am getting ready to leave Stradient, here's what Kevin Fox has for his resignation today. Now I am envious...

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Per popular demand. Here's the Pikachu clip again.

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Monday, June 3
So I did go see the Star Wars: I even did the whole nine yards by driving to San Francisco and seeing it in digital. I was disappointed, or rather, embarrassed. (So that you know, digital projector didn't help at all) Well, I don't feel like discussing it right now, but I can remember some of the lines vividly: lines that are so badly written, so cheesy and over-dramatic than even soap operas."I donít like sand. Itís coarse and rough, and goes everywhere," said Anakin Skywalker. "Not like here. Itís warm and soft? All right, you got the idea.

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Saturday, June 1
Good morning. I am, at last, going to see Star Wars today. May the force be with me.

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