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Wednesday, October 30

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Welcome Great Pumpkin!!

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Tuesday, October 29
A flyer on Bart train
Saint Mary's MBA: Quality, Convenience, Value.

Some weird instant oatmeal from Taiwan
Essence of 32 Cereals Nutrition: Convenience, Hygiene, Instant.

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Monday, October 28
Magnetic Haiku on our fridge today:
don't we look for love
you can't tell how bad it is
kiss my ass good night

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I need to focus.

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Check out Wonderful Days... for lots of CG violence.

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Sunday, October 27
Three things that made my day today:
1. Set back an hour on all my clocks and watches.
2. Enjoyed a flower-patterned latte from the cute barista at Coffee Society.
3. Got off class early because the teacher had to go home to watch the World Series.

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Saturday, October 26
Misc drawing:

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Friday, October 25
Misc links:
Save The Tree Octopus, Salted Herring, Boong-Ga Boong-Ga, Atari Adventure, Quotes From Room 111, and Io of Jupiter.

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Yuko has this new theory about touching a guy's biceps will mysteriously make him fall in love with you. Wouldn't it be a bit scary?

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Wednesday, October 23
Puppetry of the Penis opens October 29 at Theatre on the Square!

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Life update:

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Monday, October 21
About me catching the bouquet...

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Dynomite! Highly recommended by Gilbert.

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Harvey & Jeanette's wedding!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
(I actually got the bouquet... God says "Ha".)

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Saturday, October 19
Theatre In A Palm today. (Absolutely beautiful!) 1, 2.

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Friday, October 18
Collection for the week: Shark Game, Yamaha, Your Action Figure, Strindberg+Helium, American Military Operation Names, and Mommy Where Did I Come From.

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Prologue: Because one of the parking lots is under renovation, finding a parking space in school has been an adventure this quarter.
I had an early class this morning, so when I finished and was heading back to my car, the lots were apparently all packed. A cute guy with a crew-cut driving a Toyota Prius pulled up and asked: "Are you leaving? Where's your car?" "Oh, it's over in Lot B." "Why don't you hop on?" So I did. He got the spot, and I got the ride (on Prius!) I should start a dating service here. That would be such a hit.

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Thursday, October 17
New and improved pig!!! Tell me what you think...

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Wednesday, October 16
There are three kinds of animators in the class:
1. Really good, and really modest, sweet people.
2. So-so good, yet super proud jerks.
3. Really bad, yet super proud jerks.
It is indeed frustrating.

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Three out of four people thought this is an elephant. (Gilbert just told me it looks like a tapir!!) So it's due a big make-over tomorrow. Damn, ain't I tired!

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There are two Japanese gals in my class, Yuko and Yumiko. Yuko came talked to me this morning.

Y: See that guy? Yumiko's boy friend.
Me: Oh cute!
Y: He seventeen. It's climu.
Me: Cream? You mean his hair?
Y: She go to jail.
Me: Oh, crime.
Y: Yeah, climu. He is young. Yumiko twenty-two.

Gosh I love this school.

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Tuesday, October 15
All new Wallace and Gromit!!

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A little walk of my little pig.

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Monday, October 14
Escher's Ascending and Descending.

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Supa Hado!!

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Twelve principles of animation. Part IV.

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Saturday, October 12
Twelve principles of animation. Part III.

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Friday, October 11
And my schedule.

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Twelve principles of animation. Part II.

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Twelve principles of animation. Part I.

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For those of you who are worried about me because of this Monday's entry: Hey I was not thinking about jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. It's just a metaphor for rigging a character in Maya!! It's really, fucking tough.

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Thursday, October 10
"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."

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Wednesday, October 9
We have a really flamboyant gay guy in our Karate class. When doing knife hand strikes, he always has his pinkies pointed out as if he's having tea with the Queen. I think that's very cute.

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1:47pm, doughnut craving at stop-motion class.

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Happy Birthday Flora!

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Tuesday, October 8
Other links:
Angelic Star,, and Tim Prentice.

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Animation links:
Rust Boy, Bill Plymton's Ani-Cam, and free Maya character!

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Monday, October 7
Geee, it's tougher than I thought.

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Sunday, October 6
Museum trip!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

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Friday, October 4
Witch! (Our Flash teacher is the most annoying old woman I've ever met.)

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Thursday, October 3
Capybara tea.

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Wednesday, October 2
Porridge test for my new project! (It's a pig, ok?)

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Tuesday, October 1

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