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Wednesday, November 27
Lots of holiday readings for ya:
Elsewhere, Try This, Penis Euphemisms!, Page Me Later, Izzy, Dialogue, Wheels, Auf Wiedersehn Scheide, and "Coe-shnizzle".
Me? I am heading to Grand Canyon!

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Tuesday, November 26
Dialogue on the way to Linda Bel's talk.
"Pizza and Yoda!"
"Digital Yoda. New and improved too!"

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Santa in Switch.

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Sorta odd for a person from Taiwan, but I dig turkey with cranberry sauce... Happy turkey day, everyone!

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Monday, November 25
The Bunion.

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Conversation during stretching at Karate class:
Roxy: Hey, that's nice color of your toe nails!
Helen: Yeah, they're gold, you know. I got them in Whole Food.
Roxy: No! You mean they sell organic nail polish?
Helen: I guess. The only problem is they wear off in like, three days.
Roxy: Wow.

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"Health and happiness are coming your way. Look forward to that happy day."

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Sunday, November 24
Hey, I am feeling much better now.

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It's probably too late for the weekend, but here you go:
Killer, Homestar Runner, and Bubble Bees!

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Saturday, November 23
Don't try this at home.

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Friday, November 22
I was having my daily Latte fix in Starbucks, while the music of Sting was booming over the microphone, "If yo love somebody... set him free." There were two people sitting next table, apparently doing Bible study. One immediately added, "And the truth of the Bible will set us free."

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It's cold in here.

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Thursday, November 21
Don't mess with me.

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Wednesday, November 20
Excerpts from Marty's class:
"It's great potential to show pain on film."
"So he's throwing an ostrich egg?"
"That's more like an Austin Power kind of fall."
"And God said, I am lonely still."

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Glenn McQueen passed away on October 29...

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Oh well.

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Some weird Japanese sites collection: Anabukinchan, Kikkoman Man, and Exotic Ice Cream!

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Tuesday, November 19
We were sitting in the half-dark theater, waiting for Harry Potter to start. Then this guy came in, by himself, sat down in front of us, and started reading "Algorighm in C++". Don't know you but it seemed utterly surreal to me.

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Monday, November 18
This is ruining my eyes.

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Sunday, November 17
We are in for a treat again. Time to pack the sleeping bag, yo.

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I am not afraid of you!

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Saturday, November 16
At last! The barista remembers that I am the "single non-fat latte" girl.

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Friday, November 15
It's kind of an odd class.

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Sleepy, again.

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Websites of my classmate and teacher: Phantom Art by Romil, and Monkey Jam by Dave. Wow!

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Wednesday, November 13
Overheard in the stop-mo class:
"Dude, I am not going to buy the DVD just now. I'm like, waiting for the collector's, or, the ultimate edition."
"Or, you know, the super dragon monkey edition."

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1:04, fortune cookie craving.

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Tuesday, November 12
Good News:
I found
my journal in the computer lab today! Oh my precious!!

Bad News:
The cleaner lost my red top in some all-the-tags-fell-off accident. (Am I supposed to believe them?)

Roxy's Law:
The integration of Lucky Index L(t) over Time t is a constant.

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Oink! Oink!! Oink!!!

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Monday, November 11
Da-la! (Focus, girl. Focus!!)

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To officially end this gloomy and sarcastic week, here's a happy jumping jacks I just finished. Yep, tomorrow will be another sunny day :-)

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Sunday, November 10
On a happy note, links for the weekend: Akiyoshi's Illusion, Jedi Archives, Moby Art, something warm, and something scary.

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After Ran, Proton, Muriel, Kelly, and Irene, Ivan's going back to Taiwan too. Makes me wonder why I am still here fighting the cold weather and Republicans.

PS: This sketch was done long time ago, when I got homesick back in Boston...

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Saturday, November 9
David gave us a crash course on how bad the animation industry treats people down in LA, and in ILM, and in Disney. It is really depressing! (Especially so in such a wonderful sunny Saturday morning. Damn.)

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Friday, November 8
And it's still raining...

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Subject: pig not found
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 23:42:16 +0800
no pig and why are you sorry about the crying donky

Subject: pig was found
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 23:52:01 +0800
but i don't see his umbellical (du chi) and lower leg .?also I found it a horse not a crying donkey .?br>mom

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It was a dark and stormy night. And we lost our power right after the episode where Homer lost his antenna in the sour rain. I never realized that nights can be so dark, and so quiet... and I was scared. I haven't been so scared for a long time. Maybe it's the UN resolution.

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Wednesday, November 6
At last the pig is done! Yep, just a hint of pink.

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Video clips that cheered me up: Sankyu Nick Cage! and Princess Leia.

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I am sorry too.

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News: Latest project posted in the Animation section!!!

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Tuesday, November 5
New haircut. (Why? Because I can't vote. What do I care? But you should. Especially if you're in Minnesota. So go vote, now!)

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Monday, November 4
6:35pm. Chinese sausage craving at the Karate class.

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People really liked these two exercises I did... thought I'd share with you: heavy and light.

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At last I got my car washed today, and the world suddenly seems so bright and cheerful now!

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Sunday, November 3
When I was working back then, sometimes it got so crazy that I could only have time for a LUNA bar for lunch. I have fed myself well this quarter. It's good to be a student again.

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Saturday, November 2
My computer died on me again. Damn, damn, damn!

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Friday, November 1
Halloween at Castro. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

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I am taking one graphic design class, just to balance the heavy load of film production. The instructor came to me today and said, "I graded the mid-term yesterday. Yours is fabulous! Have you done any graphic work before? Just.. drop this whole film thing, you know."

Mom would be so proud!

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