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Friday, August 29
Learned two things today:
1. It's still dark 5:30 in the morning.
2. Our paper boy doesn't ride a bike. He drives.

posted by Roxy 05:42
I am too much a city girl.

posted by Roxy 05:23
Thursday, August 28
An old friend is visiting, and asked me what happened to my dream of opening a kindergarten. Gee. What happened to my dream of opening a kindergarten?

posted by Roxy 00:33
Wednesday, August 27
Quote from B:
"It's so hot my cat is melting."

posted by Roxy 02:03
Fig season!

posted by Roxy 01:32
Tuesday, August 26
I got my EAD card today. And SJ sent me two books for my birthday. It's definitely a Life's Good moment.

posted by Roxy 01:09
Monday, August 25
And you wonder why I never wear skirts.

posted by Roxy 00:09
Sunday, August 24
Excerpt from the chocolate factory tour.
Tour Guide in
Scharffen Berger: So do you know how vanilla plants pollinate?
Us: Monkey?
TGSB: No...
Us: Bat?
TGSB: No. They have to be hand pollinated. That's why vanilla bean is very expensive. You know, hand pollinated? Like, maybe start with some soft music...
Us: Yes, Berry White!
(ok, it's definitely funnier when you were loaded with PEA from the bittersweet sample...)

posted by Roxy 01:10
Saturday, August 23
Mr. Mike v1.0

posted by Roxy 02:11
Friday, August 22
So I made these two "nophoto" for Friendster... Just right click and save!

posted by Roxy 01:37
Thursday, August 21
I bought a new phone. The old one worked just fine before I spilled coffee on it. It did smell nice though.

posted by Roxy 16:03
And it needs some work.

posted by Roxy 00:48
Wednesday, August 20
I met some fantastic people for lunch today: They found me through the net! So I finally gave in and joined Friendster. (I know I know, now shut up). If you consider yourself a friend/enemy/kindred spirit of mine, help me out here.

posted by Roxy 23:12
And lonely people are the bitterest of them all.

posted by Roxy 10:22
Tuesday, August 19
On the side note:
Go see
Sinbad!! It's awesome!

posted by Roxy 09:56
I dreamed about making a demo tape. It was ten times better than the reallife one. Then I woke up, with chills and sweats.

posted by Roxy 09:55
Monday, August 18
Somebody had given her the evil eye.

posted by Roxy 00:53
Sunday, August 17
Wearing high heel is just not my thing.

posted by Roxy 01:30
Saturday, August 16
I sucked.

posted by Roxy 00:47
Friday, August 15
Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter!

posted by Roxy 10:39
I wanted to do Copacabana, but it was not in their song book.

posted by Roxy 01:22
I love watching little kids sipping their tapioca tea with all their effort. And holding the jumbo plastic cup with both hands. Nothing else in the world is more important than my tapioca tea.

posted by Roxy 01:06
Thursday, August 14
But all is well.

posted by Roxy 10:47
Wednesday, August 13
Regrettably, we were not able to include your piece in this year's program.

posted by Roxy 15:40
This from a book called "Rush-In".

posted by Roxy 10:50
Tuesday, August 12
After so much TV and so much manga, I am finally moving on.

posted by Roxy 10:04
Monday, August 11
So I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for my 30th birthday. No it's still couple years away but doesn't hurt to plan ahead right? It's gonna be either Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookie, Coffee & Donut, or Beer & Pizza.

posted by Roxy 10:02
From Uncle Bob.

posted by Roxy 09:56
Sunday, August 10
Where is the missing link?

posted by Roxy 10:20
Saturday, August 9
CY is having a baby! Next January I'll be officially an aunt! How cool is that?!

posted by Roxy 00:45
Friday, August 8
02420, 91423, 91604, 90245, 75202, 90404, 90038, 90038, 94129, 90232, 93455, 96813, 02494.

posted by Roxy 15:47
Thursday, August 7
I have been depressed lately. The world seems so bright outside. It scares me.

posted by Roxy 10:39
Berkeley Kite Fest.

posted by Roxy 10:35
Tuesday, August 5
To my middle school folks: Long Time No See!! If you happend to read something about me drinking, please don't tell my mom. Yep.

posted by Roxy 11:00
Sunday, August 3
I was so drunk last night. So drunk that I almost fell off from the second floor window. Of course, at the time, I was too drunk to realize it. But this morning I woke up, and kind of remembered it, and it scared the shit out of me.

posted by Roxy 22:26
Saturday, August 2
It's like, summer's gone or something.

posted by Roxy 09:11
Friday, August 1
Yet another. From BLUR. Sigh. Siiiiiigh.
Thanks for your interest. I'm afraid your work doesn't quite fit with what we're looking for right now, but please feel free to show us any new work you do in the future. Thanks.

posted by Roxy 23:55
Another rejection letter:
As of now, you are not alone, 1050 rejection letters are being sent out.

posted by Roxy 22:58
The Jamba Juice Boy noticed that I haven't been around, but not the Coffee Society Barista. Now that's interesting.

posted by Roxy 14:11
All right. So I am back from sunny San Diego. This week has just been tons of (free!) drinks and coffees. Oh yeah.

posted by Roxy 00:04