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Tuesday, September 30
Email from Uncle Bob:
That is Great News, Roxy! Congratulations! More Pig Movies to come? Gone with the Pigs, So Dear to my Pig, From Pigs to Eternity, It's a Wonderful Pig, Mr. Pig goes to Washington, Moby Pig, The Caine Pig, A Piggy named Desire, Piggy rides Again, Guys 'n' Pigs, Pigging in the Rain, Citizen Pig, The Pigs of Wrath, Dimetrius and the Pigs, Night of the Living Pig, A Pig for All Seasons, The Third Pig, The Maltese Pig......

posted by Roxy 00:46
We watched some animations today.

posted by Roxy 00:44
Monday, September 29
I was looking through my old stuff and found that I was Roxy even before I came to the states! The email address I had at home was, apparently, Which is quite odd, for I always thought Roxy was a random name I picked up in Boston. The details are all lost to me now, only this was my doodle back then.

posted by Roxy 00:13
Sunday, September 28
And the piggy film is officially selected in CINEME 2003!!! You should all join me for a happy Roxy dance!!!!

posted by Roxy 18:18
We went see U Theatre from Taiwan Friday night. It was simply fantastic. Maybe going back is not so bad afterall.

posted by Roxy 18:15
Best card I got from the party last night. And yes there is a website!

posted by Roxy 11:54
Friday, September 26
What you shouldn't have for lunch when you're sick? Krispy Kreme.

Believe me.

posted by Roxy 16:47
I am sick. Don't I just sound sexy. I need more latte.

posted by Roxy 00:01
Thursday, September 25
There is nothing. Just nothing.

posted by Roxy 00:21
Wednesday, September 24
Guest strip by the one and the only, lovely singing saw Kate!

(Women are from Pluto. Men are from Goofy.)

posted by Roxy 09:29
Tuesday, September 23
School makes me hungry.

posted by Roxy 00:00
Monday, September 22
This is the end of the Roxy's Big B-day Celebration Week. School starts today, and I so have to go to bed before 3. Thank you.

posted by Roxy 10:37
Yesterday we picked grapes to make wine. And that was the fattest caterpillar I've ever seen in my whole life.

posted by Roxy 10:10
Saturday, September 20
Heard (out of context):
"Come on, you should not go down on Barney."

posted by Roxy 13:40
We went see Mars last night, waiting in line for a good 90 minutes for a, well, little dot. But the midnight Donut Wheel run saved the day.

posted by Roxy 10:49
Friday, September 19
We had a little antiparty (as in antipasti?) last night. Was so thrilled to be surrounded by friends! In no specific order: Thank you, thank you and yes, thank YOU.

posted by Roxy 11:08
Arrr. Me so tired. Talk't ye later.

posted by Roxy 03:05
Thursday, September 18
The first ever guest strip!! (by Ryan Sias)

(Click on the image for a better rez, yo.)

posted by Roxy 00:11
Wednesday, September 17
These are super addictive.

posted by Roxy 23:12
Tuesday: Crazy Hats Day! Scooter racing, fancy green-tea-red-bean cake, Fabio, and Powerpuff Girls.

posted by Roxy 00:40
Tuesday, September 16
Hence the start of the week-long celebration of Roxy's birthday.
First night: Billard with pear cider.
(Bonus: Got carded for the said cider. Yours truly so look about 16.)

posted by Roxy 00:13
These are just fantastic!
Stealth Disco and Samorost.

posted by Roxy 00:09
Monday, September 15
I always talk too much when we hike. It's like I am disturbing the sexy. (We saw quails and a bunny!! No banana slugs tho.)

posted by Roxy 09:31
Sunday, September 14
Email moment:
1. I am proud to know you too :)
- from a young CTO I know (oh senior moment!)

2. You personify class, Rox!! ;)
- from the Rock'n'Roll gal knowing that I am going to a charity piano recital

3. Hello! Roxy Candy
- nobody has ever called me candy before. Weee!

posted by Roxy 08:36
Roxy's mini strip. (aka, "Don't worry, I love driving the new car.")

posted by Roxy 01:28
Saturday, September 13
There ought to be a law to ban mowing the lawn 9 o'clock Saturday morning!

posted by Roxy 09:39
I was so sleepy the other day I went to Starbucks asking for a grande nonfat latte, with vita boost.

posted by Roxy 09:37
Thursday, September 11
It so happened today's the Mid-Autumn Festival too. More reasons for you to spend some time with your families, friends, and memories.

posted by Roxy 18:35
Wednesday, September 10
Everything's taken care of!!! I can't even remember how I got so pissed and bitter and very much a jerk yesterday. (Sorry super Tuesday buddies:) But hey! Thanks for the emails and calls (haha you did wake me up but that's fine.) I owe each of you a big hug!

posted by Roxy 14:16
Yep the rejection letter. From Blue Sky nontheless! (sob sob)
After carefully reviewing your qualifications and background, we cannot properly utilize your services at this time. We will...
Byebye New York.

posted by Roxy 00:28
Tuesday, September 9
I feel old. And stupid. And disappointed. And jealous. And fat. I am going to blame PMS. Or caffeine. Or MSG. Or that full moon. Arrrggh!!

posted by Roxy 23:53
I am so mad today. I mean, the car. It's so going to cost so much. And that body shop. Gee they did nothing but trying to fool me into paying! Oh and don't forget about another rejection letter. Arrrgh!!

posted by Roxy 23:38
Monday, September 8
My birthday is so coming up!!! You are all warned!!! (Just a hint, I won't mind something like this at all).

posted by Roxy 15:16
Uh, if you noticed a new JCJ button on the left, I kind of ripped it off of Urban Transmission Project. So go visit Ryan, you'll love it!!

posted by Roxy 15:10
Sunday, September 7
I-know-it's-no-Labor-Day-but-this-weekend-rules in a nutshell:
3D hand cast at Sarah's. Coke stand in flea market. Tons of fresh oysters from
Tomales Bay. Tired but happy Roxy.

posted by Roxy 22:07
Saturday, September 6
But I guess all is well.

posted by Roxy 22:31
And I got into a car accident tonight.

posted by Roxy 22:31
... We appreciated the opportunity to see the film but regret that...

posted by Roxy 22:31
Friday, September 5
Willingness and availability. Indeed.

posted by Roxy 12:48
And it should be quite easy.

posted by Roxy 00:40
Thursday, September 4
Where am I going exactly?

posted by Roxy 11:33
Wednesday, September 3
Animation links:
Learning Maya, Human Head, Pan, Shoulder Setup, Warp Deformer, Spine IK, Texturing, Wireframe, Arm, and Mirror Shape Script.

posted by Roxy 11:28
Root beer float and corn dog!

posted by Roxy 10:49
Tuesday, September 2
Extra virgin s'more experience in Santa Cruz. Yum.

posted by Roxy 01:30
Monday, September 1
At last we went to Big Sur. Loved everything except the miserable weather. But thank you, pals!

posted by Roxy 12:00