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Friday, July 30
Lately I've switched my caffeine fix.

posted by Roxy 01:45
Thursday, July 29
I just want to be special.

posted by Roxy 00:45
Wednesday, July 28
How's the weather, kid?

posted by Roxy 07:55
Tuesday, July 27
And I was right!

posted by Roxy 08:39
Monday, July 26
Mom found this: coffee-flavored preserved plums. Or, plums that took a coffee bath, as she calls them.

posted by Roxy 00:19
Sunday, July 25
I am back. Thank you for asking.

posted by Roxy 10:01
Tuesday, July 13
I am sorry, but monster ate my time. I am out of here for a while.

posted by Roxy 08:57
Sunday, July 11
Take a chance.

posted by Roxy 09:50
Friday, July 9
SJ just came back from Canada and gave me this ice wine tea. Yum!

posted by Roxy 08:48
Tuesday, July 6
I got this new "yogurt drink with beer enzyme" for breakfast. It's supposed to be super healthy and all, but it tasted like liquid soup mixed with leftover booze. This is probably the first time in my life that I am swearing off beer for a while.

posted by Roxy 22:39
Monday, July 5
Oh pretty please!

posted by Roxy 08:35
Sunday, July 4
"Eat more. Rain less."

posted by Roxy 17:29
Saturday, July 3
Typhoon night!

posted by Roxy 14:03
Thursday, July 1
My new addiction: Yamazaki Bakery's citrus coffee pastry.

posted by Roxy 09:20