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Tuesday, August 31
Happier now.

posted by Roxy 08:16
Monday, August 30
I don't fucking care.

posted by Roxy 00:38
Saturday, August 28
In the hot spot.

posted by Roxy 10:21
Friday, August 27
Tonight, I took my first sleeping pill ever. No it didn't work.

posted by Roxy 03:23
Thursday, August 26
Cubic life.

posted by Roxy 06:19
Wednesday, August 25
Typhoon/holiday two.

posted by Roxy 12:05
Tuesday, August 24

posted by Roxy 08:55
Monday, August 23
The Turbulence Pattern Known as a "Von Karman Vortex Street"
I like to think of Von Karman Vortex Street as a place, possibly located somewhere near Miles Davis's Green Dolphin Street and the Firesign Theater's Non-Euclid Avenue.
- Rudy Rucker at
Boing Boing's guestbar today

PS. Yes I am a certified geek.

posted by Roxy 18:32
Sunday, August 22
The blue period.

posted by Roxy 23:58
Friday, August 20
Take your time.

posted by Roxy 12:21
Tuesday, August 17

posted by Roxy 08:04
Monday, August 16

posted by Roxy 08:51
Sunday, August 15
It's there. Just don't give up!

I saw someone jumped down the building last night. No I didn't really see it. I just heard that thud, and saw her lying there by the curbside. I was drinking my latte. She was twenty feet away from me. People were oblivious. We followed our plan and danced the night away. In the same building that she jumped. She was 22. I learned from the news today. She ended her life because of some romantic troubles. It broke my heart. That people chose to abuse their lives for some stupid reasons.

posted by Roxy 22:15
Saturday, August 14
Luckily the typhoon passed.

posted by Roxy 01:44
Friday, August 13
I don't need a cat.

posted by Roxy 09:25
Thursday, August 12
These two songs have stuck in my head the whole day...
Save Ginny Weasley and When Biscuits Go Wrong.

posted by Roxy 08:17
Wednesday, August 11
Yet another sleepless night.

posted by Roxy 08:26
Tuesday, August 10
That, and a coffee-flavored dream.

posted by Roxy 08:17
Monday, August 9
News to me:
Apparently I am allergic to
Hoegaarden Witbier...

posted by Roxy 20:04
Thursday, August 5
That's too much time in the office.

posted by Roxy 22:29
Wednesday, August 4
It glows in the dark.

posted by Roxy 09:29
Tuesday, August 3
There's something in the air...

posted by Roxy 08:27
Sunday, August 1
They have the same lights.

posted by Roxy 12:03